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A shot of the Arco De Rua Augusta in Lisbon. Super breath taking spot.

The 5 Quick Scores

  • Overall – 4.5/5
    • I loved this place. Unfortunately, I made plans to go to Oktoberfest so I had to leave. However, I nearly cried after leaving. I think about Lisbon often, and all the friends I was able to make in only 2 weeks. I will return there (even my 66 year old mother who’s traveling with me loved this place).
    • The weather’s great, the culture is laid back, there is a huge community of people who work online, the language is fun (and not crazy difficult to pick up if you have any experience in romance languages). I highly recommend this spot!
  • Internet Speed – 5/5
  • Ease Of Connecting & Making Friends- 5/5
    • Super easy to make friends. I daresay I love Lisbon as much if not more than Playa Del Carmen (my former favorite place to digital nomad).
  • Nightlife – 4/5
  • Places To Work From – 5/5
    • There are a lot of great places to work from here, lot’s of cafe’s. and even co-working spaces I actually liked! ๐Ÿ™€
  • Affordability – 3.5/5
I loved this place! Miradouro de Santa Catarina
Definitely worth adding to your list of places to check out.

Wifi Speed Tests

Type / DeviceNameUploadDownloadLatency
CoworkAvila Spaces – Ave Joao Cristostomo199.524340.35112
CafeSeagull Method Cafe252.807193.57212
CafeAsante Boutique Coffee Roasters596.950190.1534
CafeCopenhagen Coffee Lab – Cais Do Sodrรฉ203.789182.16311
HotelSelina Lisbon – In Lobby22.68722.3468
CafeHeim Cafe33.52321.85022
HotelSelina Lisbon – 4th Floor23.70520.3857
CafeGalp – Oriente Station6.2965.83849
Looking for more info on these metrics? Read my guide to getting fast wifi here

Where I Stayed

Selina Lisbon

Not the most photogenic pool in the world, but pretty killer
  • OVERALL4.5/5 – As any of you who follow me know, I love Selina. Within the nomad scene Selina can be a bit polarizing. There are a lot of people who feel like it’s too expensive, exclusionary, etc.
  • I know if I go to a Selina there will be quick wifi and a built in community which are the two biggest factors in me choosing a place to stay.
  • Affordability – 3/5 – Not crazy affordable, however for Europe not bad, starting at ~$40 for a shared dorm room & starting at ~$150 for their smaller micro private rooms with shared bathrooms.
    • Bro Tip Pro Tip – They have a Colive program, where you can buy 1 month at a time and book that month across their different locations. You also get access to their co-working spaces. I chose this package when I stayed in Playa Del Carmen, and Mexico City and loved it. This ended up making the pricing WAY more affordable. Plus I got lodging in Lisbon, Porto & even Cusco, Peru (and I don’t even get to Peru for 4 months ๐Ÿ˜ฑ)
  • Wifi – 4/5 – The wifi isn’t crazy fast here, however plenty fast and stable enough. I had a number of video calls without any issues
    • Avg. Download Speed = 22.687 MBPS
    • Avg. Upload Speed = 22.346 MBPS
    • Avg. Latency = 8 MS
  • Sense Of Community – 5/5 – There are a lot of different events going on at this Selina. Yoga, meditation classes, bar crawls, day tours etc. Plus people are super friendly and there is also a co-working spot here where you can meet other digital nomads that live in Lisbon.
  • Location – 4.5/5 – A pretty central spot, real close to Bairro Alto (the party spot) and al the cool stuff downtown.
  • Amenities (Kitchen, Pool, etc.) – 4/5
    • They have a kitchen, a pool, a co-working space, a rooftop bar, and a spot for movies, yoga and meditation. I didn’t love their pool, that’s why I gave them the 4/5 here
  • Cleanliness – 4/5 – Pretty damn clean and well maintained
Digital nomad in Lisbon Portugal
Working from Selina’s rooftop bar

Honorable Mention – Places I Didn’t Stay At But Were Highly Recommended

SameSame Colive – I was recommended this place, and the prices look pretty reasonable, with prices ranging from $55 – $90, it looks like you have to book a minimum of 8 nights here though, so for shorter stays it may not be the best spot.

Co-Works & My Favorite Places To Work From

Avila Spaces - Lisbon
A shot from Avila Spaces (see full review below)

Croissant – A Great App To Download Here

I had multiple people recommend this app, and it’s a great one! It is the reason (in addition to a dear friend) that I found my favorite co-working spot!

Seems like every other person I meet here uses the app. It’s a pretty sweet deal, you sign up for one membership and get access to co-working spots all over Lisbon, Europe, the US, Israel & South America!

The pricing changes based on where you’re based out of, but is around ~$30 a month. You can also get a significant discount if you use the referral code of a friend.

Avila Spaces – Av. Joรฃo Crisรณstomo

A video taken from Avila Spaces
  • OVERALL4/5 – I dig this place, lot’s of natural lighting, beer on tap, beautiful design & plenty of other people.
  • Wifi – 5/5 – The wifi was super fast
  • Service & Friendliness – 5/5 – The staff was super attentive and friendly.
  • Amenities (Places to take calls, etc.) – 4/5 – They had quite a few spots to take calls, beer on tap, a kitchen and a nice espresso machine
  • Location / Ambiance – 4/5 – Pretty centrally located
  • Ergonomics 5/5 (Comfortable Seating / Standup Spots)They had couches, work chairs, bucket chairs standing tables, all kinds of stuff!

Seagull Method Cafe

  • OVERALL4/5 – Super cool cafe, a bit grungy but in a good way. This place was recommended to me by a few folks, so easy to meet other people who work online there.
  • Wifi – 4/5 – You could easily take video calls here (if your team / client doesn’t mind background noise, or you use an app like Krisp to block out background noise)
    • Download Speed = 252.80 MBPS
    • Upload Speed = 193.5 MBPS
    • Avg. Latency = 12 MS
  • Service & Friendliness – 5/5 – The staff was super friendly, and even recommended a bunch of other cafes I could work from too.
  • Amount Of Outlets – 4/5 – A decent amount of outlets, not everywhere but enough to get by
  • Location / Ambiance – 4/5 – As mentioned is a bit grungy, but in a cool way, it’s located pretty centrally which is nice too.
  • Ergonomics (Comfortable Seating / Standup Spots) – 3/5 – Not a whole lot of options here, no standup tables, they do have booth seating available (which tends to be more comfortable for me anyway)
I like working next to plants ๐Ÿ™‚

Selina Co-Work

  • OVERALL3.5/5 – The actual inside of this co-work doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting, it’s quite packed but the outside seating is quite nice (see video of this area in my Selina hotel section) There are a lot of people who both live in Lisbon and are passing through that work there, so that’s nice. This wouldn’t be my first choice, to be honest, but if you’re staying at Selina it’s super convenient.
  • Wifi – 5/5 – The wifi wasn’t crazy fast, but stable. I didn’t run into any issues on the calls.
    • Avg. Download Speed = 22.687 MBPS
    • Avg. Upload Speed = 22.346 MBPS
    • Avg. Latency = 8 MS
  • Service & Friendliness – 4.5/5 – Super friendly, attentive staff.
  • Amenities (Places to take calls, etc.) – 3.5/5 – They had quite a few spots to take calls, nice coffee machine.
  • Location / Ambiance – 3/5 – As mentioned, the outdoor seating part was cool, but the indoor seating area felt dark and cramped (for me anyway).
  • Ergonomics (Comfortable Seating / Standup Spots) – 3.5/5 They had some higher couches where you could sit comfortably, or even stand, some pretty nice office chairs.
One of the many beautiful, colorful streets in Lisbon ๐Ÿ˜

Finding Community / Making Friends

Interested In Building Community Anywhere As A Nomad? I interviewed 9 other digital nomads to come up with a complete guide, check it out here.
A weekly meetup hosted through Lisbonomads (see below for details)
  • Lisbonomads – This is probably the biggest nomad group in Lisbon. These guys have a lot of weekly recurring events, a running group on Tuesdays, and a big meetup every Thursday (the video above is actually from that Thursday meetup)
  • Cultura Na Rua
    • A website with events geared more toward Portuguese people than nomads or travelers.
  • Lisbon Hiking
    • A hiking group, it’s not crazy active but seemed to have some activity particularly around the weekend.


  • Getting There & Leaving
    • Bolt
      • I had a lot of issues with Uber (drivers cancelling trips, etc.) but Bolt was super cheap. They have a bunch of scooters & also taxis.
    • The Yellow Trams
A picture of one of the trams. They’re super picturesque with the blue sky and colorful buildings.

What I Drank / Nightlife

A short video taken in Bairro Alto

Partying & NightLife

  • Bairro Alto
    • This neighborhood is by far the most popular spot to party, it’s packed with people on weekend nights. And since you can drink on the streets here, you can order a drink then if you want to leave you can take your drink with you. It’s an energy packed spot for sure, and I’d highly recommend it.
  • Pink Street – Rua Cor De Rosa
    • This spot isn’t too far from Bairro Alto, in my experience it seemed to have more bars that were open super late. I actually partied until 4 am on this street. While I may or may not have slipped up on my celibacy after partying here, I did really enjoy this place.
  • O Das Joanas
    • Super cool bar, seems like more of a “local” vibe, I really enjoyed this spot.
A video at O Daas Joanas

Nice Bars & More Chill Spots

Great Wine Bars In Lisbon, Portugal
A photo of ByTheWine Wine Bar, super beautiful spot!
  • ByTheWine Wine Bar – Super cool wine bar with a lot of different wines from around Portugal, and the world. Plus the interior is super beautiful ๐Ÿ˜
  • Portologia Lisbon – I drank an outrageous amount of port wine while in Portugal, and this spot was one of my favorite places to drink port at (and I even went to Porto & The Duoro Valley)!
    • These guys had a lot of smaller producers that I hadn’t even encountered in Porto, so you can try some Port that isn’t owned by one of the handful of massive companies
  • Cinco Lounge – This bar was cool, lots of alcohol to choose from, lot’s of unique cocktails. Dark and sleek spot. It reminded quite a bit of Death and Co.’s for anyone familiar with that group in the US.
A reel created up in Douro Valley, where Port wines and a lot of other great Portuguese wine comes from.

Drink Reviews W/ A Redneck From My Time Here

This is from my Drink Reviews W/ A Redneck Series. Which features me drinking and reviewing alcohol from around the world. Sometimes I’m with others, sometimes I’m by myself, sometimes I compare the drinks to romantic interests. Check it out!

I drank at least 30 different port wines, and this one is still my favorite!

Check out the video here!

Exercise / Outdoors

A photo of Sintra-Cascais National Park ๐Ÿ“ธ –

Nature – Sintra-Cascais National Park

Unfortunately, I did not get an opportunity to go here, but really want to check it out on my next trip. You can get there in an hour and a half via public transport, and it looks crazy beautiful!


Want to stay fit & eat healthy while traveling? Check out my guide to diet fitness while traveling here!

  • Walking
    • Anyone who’s followed me for even a little bit knows that I love walking around cities, and Lisbon is a great city to walk around in and get a great workout. It’s as full of hills as San Francisco, but with way more beautiful architecture (IMO)
  • Fitness Hut – I didn’t see an English version of the site unfortunately
    • There are Fitness Hut gyms all around Lisbon, at the time of writing this I was able to sign up for 1 month then cancel it and I paid 2 payments of 14 Euro.
  • Running Groups
    • As mentioned in the community section Lisbonomads has a weekly running event.
    • Selina also had a running group that ran 1 – 2 times a week.
  • Surfing
    • There are all kinds of killer surfing spots nearby. I’m still dealing with the shame of my attempt at surfing in Costa Rica 10 years ago, but there are a lot of folks who love the surfing near Lisbon. Here’s a good guide on it.

Let’s Make This Thing Serious

Nova Praia, Lisbon Portugal
Photo taken at Praia Nova 30 – 45 minutes out of Lisbon

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